Sales Training Tip: Build Rapport by Giving Effective Compliments

One of the best ways to build rapport is to give effective compliments.  We all know that compliments are something we need to give more often, but very few of us do it effectively.  A few years ago I learned a simple technique for making compliments more effective.  The technique involves three steps: Step 1:  [...]

Sales Management Article: An Easy Way to Create Custom Training for Your Sales Team

One of the most costly mistakes made by many organizations is the mistake of not creating and using a customized sales training program. The costs of doing so have become so low, the process has becomes so easy, and the time it takes to create a program has become so short, that I can’t understand [...]

Sales Training Article: Establish Your Own Leads Group

Recently, I worked with two different sales teams, in two completely different industries, that each benefited tremendously from the same kind of effort.  In both cases, they have seen outstanding results from having each sales representative form an industry-specific leads group in their area.  This is an important way to generate outstanding sales leads and [...]

Sales Management Article: Are You Developing Bone Catchers?

Many sales teams are made up of a lot of bone catchers!  That’s OK if you’ve designed your sales process that way, but most sales managers haven’t and the results are quite frustrating.  Let me explain: One of the biggest time-wasters for sales managers is the inability of their sales people and other employees to [...]

Sales Training Article: The Most Overlooked Skill

In our high-tech, fast-paced world, we often overlook some of the simple, yet profound ideas and skills that affect our success in sales. This seems to be the case with one of the most fundamental skills that any sales person can possess: The skill of managing your own mental and emotional states, or, in other [...]

Sales Management Training Article: Rapport or Results

I had a conversation with a client recently that reinforced a principle that I have found to be a struggle for many sales managers. She had recently been promoted into sales management and was struggling with an age-old question, “Do I have to be tough to be successful?” What she really meant, of course, is, [...]

Sales Training Article: Seven Signs of Poor Territory and/or Schedule Management.

Many sales people limit their ability to do well because they don’t take a systematic approach to creating and maintaining business within a “territory” or “target market”, and, consequently, they don’t manage their schedules well. For many sales people there is a classically defined geographic “territory” in which to work.  Unfortunately, most of these sales [...]

Sales Training Article: Form an Advisory Board

One of the most overlooked ways to market yourself and/or your company is through advisory boards. Your efforts in this area can include volunteering to be on the boards of organizations that you serve or that serve your clients.  They can also include forming an advisory board for your own business or career.  Both approaches [...]

Sales Management Training: The Multi-Million Dollar Mistake

There’s a sales recruiting mistake made by many companies, and even entire industries, that costs them huge amounts of money, time, and effort. Are you and your company making this mistake? Statistics say you are! Introduction: I regret to inform you that this sales management article might cause you some upset, at first.  It’s likely [...]

Sales Training: Cultivate Long-Term Relationships

A mentor of mine once told me that business boils down to two things: People and money.  He told me that I needed to master the ability to work with both.  He then went on to tell me that, of the two, the most important skill to master was the ability to build great relationships [...]